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Sophie Armitage

Sophie has worked for Experian Data Quality for 3 years, has experience working across all verticals and is our resident email enthusiast. Last year she was co-opted into the DMA Rising Stars Programme and now sits as a member of the DMA Email Council.

Summertime, seasonal, sending

3 minute read Email verification, Data cleansing

Seasonality of email campaigns is something every marketer should not only be aware of, but should already be executing on. With August being peak season for British holiday makers,  this ‘summer sale season’ is the prime time for email marketers to grab the attention of their subscribers – especially as competition with the sales will be so high.

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Building blocks to creating an email validation business case

5 minute read Email verification, Data cleansing, Data quality

In a fourth installment of her email validation series, Sophie gives some top tips to anyone looking to put together a business case for email validation. You can read about how to ensure that you're able to relate the potential benefits of email validation back to key strategic goals in a clear and quantifiable way that meets the requirements of the decision maker.

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This year, don’t make a festive faux pas

4 minute read Email verification, Data quality, Data cleansing

Experian predictions show that Black Friday spending online will hit over £1bn this festive season. In anticipation our email expert and DMA Email Council member, Sophie, looks at how retailers can improve the deliverability and inbox placement rate of their customer emails and make the most of this festive boom.

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Email: Higher volume, higher return?

* As featured by Business Zone

Sophie looks at how poor email hygiene can impact the deliverability of your emails, even those that are valid and engaged with you. Through a hypothetical example this blog post will explain why taking out invalid email addresses can increase the overall amount of good email addresses that reach the inbox and the positive uplift that will ultimately have on your bottom line.

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5 ways to increase ROI from email marketing

* As featured by Fresh Business

A follow up to the recent 'Smarter Marketing Checklist', Sophie considers tactics to optimise your email program once its up and running.  In particular this blog looks at why regularly cleaning your email list is a crucial activity.

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Can you mkae out this setnence eevn wehn the ltetres are jubmeld?

Even when all the letters in a sentence are jumbled, most of us can still read between them and make out every word. Unfortunately in the data world the same rule doesn't apply. When capturing your customer’s contact details, be that; email, address, telephone numbers etc. it’s critical to capture these details correctly first time.

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Smarter Email Marketing Checklist

* As featured by Fresh business

Email marketing is a critical tool in every marketer’s toolkit and it’s not going anywhere. It is however getting more and more difficult to cut through the noise and make your emails stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, email marketing expert Sophie Armitage has developed a best practise checklist designed to help you get better results from your email activity - including why cleaning your email list is crucial.

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