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Steve Farr

Steve Farr is Product Marketing Director at Experian, specializing in data management. Before joining Experian. Steve was responsible for created an online community of over 250,000 data scientists. He is a 25 year veteran of the IT industry, and holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing.

Data decentralisation - the next big thing?

6 minute read Data quality

In the mid 90’s Volvo produced an advert that spawned a cliché - “I’m a control freak!”. It quickly moved from being a badge of honour however, to an insult. None of us want to work for one, though we may secretly wish that we were one… grasping hold of that elusive control.

End users of business systems want to take control of their lives to get the job done; make the boss happy; fulfil the KPI - whatever the business goal. This has manifested itself in a number of ways over the past 15 years and I’m sure you’ll all be familiar with at least one of these scenarios…

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6 common questions about data quality

5 minute read Data quality, Data migration

I was recently invited to take part in a ‘Chat with Channeliser’ about data quality. I always welcome any opportunity to talk about data quality because it’s a topic often dismissed as quite operational, but one which has big implications for organisations that don’t take it seriously. You can watch the full interview here but to whet your appetite, here’s a few key questions that we covered.

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