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Tom Blacksell

Experian’s Tom Blacksell oversees the B2B operation of the world’s leading information services company, having previously held senior leadership roles in the organisation as Managing Director of the Marketing Services and Decision Analytics divisions.

Under Tom’s leadership of B2B, Experian has continued to look for ways to bring integrated data-driven solutions to the market, helping organisations to harness the power of data, making smarter, faster decisions, helping minimise risk while ensuring they deliver the type of customer service people expect at every point of the customer journey.

Celebrating Data Excellence at the National Business Awards

2 minute read Life at Experian

There’s no escaping the fact that data is universal; enabling our choices, fuelling our economy, informing decisions and shaping our ideas. It’s influence, driven and shaped by the digitalisation of our culture, is only set to expand as we enter the next decade. As the world becomes ever more connected, the sheer volume of available data will continue to grow at a substantial rate. So too will the range and variety of that data.

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