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Chief data officer

5 common data quality myths – setting the record straight

Goldfish have a six second memory. The Great Wall of China can be seen from space. We only use 10% of our brain. Myths have an annoying habit of becoming accepted as truth if enough people hear them and enough time passes – and the Data Quality industry isn’t immune to this.

So, I have taken it upon myself to ‘debunk’ some Data Quality myths and provide some great resources to help you succeed in your data quality initiatives.

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What makes a CDO?

A look into the make-up of a CDO. At the broadest level, a CDO is focussed on using data to drive value across their business. So, let’s dive into what that means for the skills, background and responsibilities required, as they’re not what you may initially imagine

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How businesses are dealing with the data deluge and humanising their data strategy

Our latest Global Data Management Research explores the key trends and challenges businesses are facing. Find out how to deal with the data deluge and start to humanise your data.

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Expert advice on driving an effective data strategy

As host of a recent event to launch our new research, 'Rise of the data force', Derek has collated his highlights from our expert speakers into 5 key pieces of advice on establishing an effective data strategy.

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Our new research report charts the rise of the CDO

Boris announces the official launch of the second phase in our Chief Data Officer research which explores insights from over 40 CDOs and senior business executives. He reveals his own perspectives on the research as well as key findings on the CDO role itself, drawn from the views of participants on what it's like to own and manage data whilst driving value from it.

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Investing in data: chicken and egg

Whilst many organisations are pushing data up the boardroom agenda, for some it's still a struggle to justify investment in data initiatives. Lewis explores the 'chicken and egg' scenario where data practitioners are battling for investment because they can't demonstrate compelling ROI without first having the very resource in place that they're trying to secure. He considers four ways you can successfully negotiate this issue and progress your strategy.

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Experian Pandora – bringing a step change in Data Governance oversight

At the heart of the definition of data governance, is the word “management”, and for me it is very evident that data governance needs technology to provide the oversight of data processes, the related planning activities and monitoring of actions and outcomes.

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A look ahead to our latest C-level research – ‘The Rise of the Data Force’

With Gartner forecasting further acceleration of the Chief Data Officer role, we look ahead to phase two of our research programme which gives the perspective of CDOs and senior business executives on the front line experiences of this new 'data force'. We'll preview four key themes ahead of the full report launch in September.

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Data quality - what's your role?

Data ownership is now an increasingly hot topic among those in charge of data quality within the business community. This article looks at how in today's data driven world most of us have some sort of relationship with it. Janani considers how different data quality roles interact and how to define responsibilities and ownership in a way that contributes to the wider organisational goals.

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The role of technology in empowering the CIO and CDO office

*As featured by Computing

With data moving higher up the business agenda we’re seeing pressure mounting on those responsible to deliver on its demands. As a result, a number of challenges have emerged for both Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Data Officers (CDO) alike, caused by a lack of suitable technology that’s ultimately having a time and cost impact on resources, their ability to support each other and deliver on data strategy.

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