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Data profiling

How Schroders made lasting improvements to the accuracy of its investment data

Russell Berry 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

Many of us are aware of the benefits that high-quality data can bring to an organisation including improvements in operational efficiencies, better decision making and avoidance of risk.  It’s getting started that can often be the biggest road block.  By that I mean, if you can’t quantify the tangible returns that investment in data quality can bring, how do you get buy-in for investment in it?

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Single Customer View: Is yours data quality focused?

Traditionally, organisations have tackled their SCV requirement through the deployment of an MDM platform. And yet, as Philip discusses in his paper, ‘MDM has always been complex, costly and time-consuming to implement’ and so not necessarily, therefore, in tune with modern business requirements. Layer in an increase in regulation and we have a perfect storm of reasons for organisations to seek an alternative route.

So, what options are there for organisations looking to keep costs to a minimum or take a more agile approach to developing an SCV?

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Identifying the good, the bad and the ugly in the proliferation of data, and why it’s important to see the full picture

Alan Agnew 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

The proliferation of data provides us with both challenges, and, if managed correctly, great opportunities. So where to start? It’s all about being able to get a full and complete view of your data. Without the ability to bring relevant data elements together into a single view it’s simply impossible to ‘see the wood for the trees’.

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How to tackle the data migration cleansing challenge

You can finally ignore the assumptions, anecdotes and accusations about your data; data migration will expose the whole truth (and nothing but the truth!) about your data.

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Experian Pandora’s Profiling Secret: Say Goodbye to Sampling

Jim Williams 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

Most free tools will only profile and analyse a sample of your data – but not ours. Profiling 25,000 records of 1 million will not identify all data issues, you need to profile all 1 million.

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How to make your data quality assessment meaningful to your business

Dylan Jones 5 minute read Data profiling

From experience, I find that most companies struggle with making their data quality assessment results compelling because they take a data-centric viewpoint. They show stats and metrics that, whilst valuable to the data community, can be dull as dishwater to the business leader who needs to make tough decisions on where to focus limited staff and financial resources.

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Why do you need a data quality assessment?

Dylan Jones 7 minute read Data profiling

In this two-part series I want to share some practical, actionable techniques to help you create a more business focused data quality assessment.

One of the mistakes I made early in my career was to create exhaustive data quality assessments that failed to motivate and engage the business community. It was only when I tweaked my approach to tools, strategy and storytelling did the business finally sit up and in most cases, take action.

In this blog post I want to share some background to the data quality assessment process so that you can understand the fundamentals.

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Get intimate with your customer this Valentine’s Day; a data-driven competitive advantage

Alannah Wood 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

With love in the air there has never been a better time to get more intimate with your customer. Using this romantic season as a muse I’d like to show you a more data-driven solution to customer care. 

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Data Quality Analytics: “Following the Rabbit”

Derek Munro 5 minute read Data profiling

*As featured by Information Age - insights and analysis for IT leaders

According to recent research, organisations that proactively manage data as an asset with a joined up approach to data quality, are the ones that reap its full strategic value. Furthermore, although 93% say they are actively trying to find and resolve data quality issues, they also feel that a massive 23% of revenue is still being wasted due to poor quality data.

The good news is that I believe technology can provide a solution, helping organisations achieve better results, quicker, thanks to learning from the experiences in other areas of Information Management.

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