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Data protection

It’s smart to plan and prepare for a data breach

Jim Steven 4 minute read Data protection, GDPR

The ability to act quickly after a data breach is essential and is expected as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s only achievable however if you have a plan in place.

Current research from Experian and ComRes shows that one in five businesses of all sizes has experienced a data breach in the past two years (21%).

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Data breach planning - how quickly could you act?

It is still difficult to comprehend that one in five businesses of all sizes has experienced a data breach in the past two years (21%). Our latest research (carried out by consultancy company ComRes) has shown this.

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Are you on the same page as your customers when it comes to data breach response?

Any company, small or large, depends on its customers for business – and therefore success. They’re the lifeblood. And yet, our research has revealed that in the event of a crisis, specifically a data breach, businesses can become introspective and (unintentionally) put their interests ahead of their customers.

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How the younger generation is shaping data protection

Louise Read 5 minute read Data protection

“Social [Media] is dead” – according to one keynote speaker at the DMA’s recent Data Protection Update, sponsored by Experian. At this event there were a range of business leaders and experts speaking about data management strategies but this statement really grabbed my attention. 

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Collaboration and GDPR – high on the Data Practitioners agenda

From past lessons learned to future possible outcomes, users of Experian Pandora face unique and shared challenges. When we got them together, this is what they said…

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The new GDPR regulations explained…

In this post, Louise shares an overview of 5 of the key elements that make up the new European General Data Protection Regulation, and considers the financial impact if businesses get this wrong. 

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