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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Monetisation of data in practice: Part 2

Derek Munro 4 minute read Data quality

Organisations are now looking to “monetise” their data assets in more explicit and measurable ways in order to prioritise where investment will drive greatest returns, reduce risk and minimise loss. In the second part of this monetisation series I look a common scenario to illustrate how this can work in practise.

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How to 'monetise' your data assets: Part 1

Derek Munro 6 minute read Data quality

The monetisation of data is not a new concept, however technology is now making other ways of data monetisation accessible to every organisation. This article examines the place of data quality in this emerging trend and describes a pragmatic four-step process for putting a value on data issues.

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Data quality - what's your role?

Data ownership is now an increasingly hot topic among those in charge of data quality within the business community. This article looks at how in today's data driven world most of us have some sort of relationship with it. Janani considers how different data quality roles interact and how to define responsibilities and ownership in a way that contributes to the wider organisational goals.

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Email: Higher volume, higher return?

* As featured by Business Zone

Sophie looks at how poor email hygiene can impact the deliverability of your emails, even those that are valid and engaged with you. Through a hypothetical example this blog post will explain why taking out invalid email addresses can increase the overall amount of good email addresses that reach the inbox and the positive uplift that will ultimately have on your bottom line.

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5 ways to increase ROI from email marketing

* As featured by Fresh Business

A follow up to the recent 'Smarter Marketing Checklist', Sophie considers tactics to optimise your email program once its up and running.  In particular this blog looks at why regularly cleaning your email list is a crucial activity.

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