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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Data quality maturity – a customer perspective

Jason Goodwin 5 minute read Data governance, Data quality

We kicked off the latest roundtable season on 12th August with a discussion based on ‘data quality maturity’. We were fortunate to be well represented by customers across a variety of sectors from Financial Services and Local Government to Retail and Charities from whom I wanted to share the five insights I found most fascinating.

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A look ahead to our latest C-level research – ‘The Rise of the Data Force’

Boris Huard 4 minute read Chief data officer, Data quality

With Gartner forecasting further acceleration of the Chief Data Officer role, we look ahead to phase two of our research programme which gives the perspective of CDOs and senior business executives on the front line experiences of this new 'data force'. We'll preview four key themes ahead of the full report launch in September.

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Accelerate regulatory compliance with lean information management

James Phare 5 minute read Data governance, Data quality

With regulatory deadlines fast approaching there is a general consensus amongst the G-SIBs that full compliance with new Basel Risk Principles by January 2016 is unlikely.  Financial Data Management expert James Phare asks whether a change in approach and tooling might help those struggling to demonstrate compliance in this challenging area.

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How can data quality help marketers overcome familiar barriers?

Rebecca Hennessy 5 minute read Data cleansing, Data quality

The emergence of data as a vital tool in the way you target customers and execute strategy has been an important paradigm shift.  The emergence of vast quantities of digital customer data has provided further opportunity for marketers to work even more effectively and intelligently.

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