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Data Migration Matters 6

Highlights, Insights and Late Nights

Derek Munro 3 minute read Data migration

We sponsored the “Data Migration Matters 6” conference in London recently and it’s clear that this event has gone from strength to strength with some stand-out presentations this year and a real “buzz” in between the sessions.

Keynote Tips the Hat to End-to-End Data Migration Solutions

Johny Morris, author of Practical Data Migration and organiser of the event, delivered a keynote that certainly resonated with our belief that emerging disciplines such as archival, discovery and collaboration have to play a much bigger role in the end-to-end lifecycle of data migration.

A key theme of the entire event was marrying methodology and technology, data migration projects are doomed without both elements working in harmony.

“Look Before You Leap” Data Migration Techniques  Well Received

Data Quality was a key theme as ever and Dylan Jones’ presentation was packed out as there is always a strong undercurrent of data quality in his tactics.

Dylan focused on the need for a Pre-Migration Impact Assessment, a deliverables framework and a collaborative environment during data migration, all of which make perfect sense, not just for data migration but broader data governance and data quality initiatives too.

Apparently one member approached Dylan after his presentation with a look of panic in their face as they realised they had fallen into every one of the pitfalls Dylan had presented! It’s why these events are so powerful for spreading the word about best-practice in data migration, you just don’t get these war stories and battle tactics out on the regular conference circuit.

Pandora Well Received

The workshop format at Data Migration Matters has been a great innovation by Johny for this type of event. It has really helped many delegates new to disciplines like data quality, data governance and data migration get their hands on next generation technology like Experian Pandora and visualise it in their own project settings.

Experian Pandora resonated extremely well with all the attendees we had during our workshop sessions and we’ve had great feedback from everyone who took away our Free Experian Pandora Data Profiler edition to help get started on their own initiatives.

Upturn in Data Migration Projects Witnessed

There definitely seemed to be more projects being kicked off from speaking to delegates and we’re now actively engaged with a number of attendee organisations following the event.

It’s a clear indication that as a profession and discipline data migration has definitely come of age so well done Johny and the BCS for putting on a great show and flying the flag.

Another great year for Data Migration Matters and looking forward to the next event.