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Data Migration Survival Guide for Leaders : Part 1 Recording Available

Survival Guide for Data Migration Leaders webinar by Dylan Jones

Derek Munro 1 minute read Data migration, Data quality

For those that don’t know Dylan, he is the founder of Data Migration, Data Quality and he is also the online course manager for the industry recognised Practical Data Migration (PDMv2) Methodology created by John Morris (author of Practical Data Migration).

He’s also a data migration veteran so his first webinar set the scene by outlining:

  • Common challenges that data migration leaders have to face
  • Assumptions that have to be resolved or else failure is likely
  • How leaders can prepare for a migration using a pre-migration impact assessment

The next session will focus on the mechanics of leading a project to success so will cover areas such as:

  • Setting up the project office
  • Defining what deliverables and artefacts to create
  • How leaders need to create a robust data quality capability
  • Benchmarking partners and integrators
  • Creating an agile execution strategy
  • Testing strategies and post migration assurance