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Data Migration Survival Guide for Leaders : Part 2 Recording Available

Dylan Jones' second Data Migration Webinar

Derek Munro 1 minute read Data migration

We recently invited Data Migration and Data Quality expert Dylan Jones to help data migration leaders create more successful projects. He provided so much content and advice we had to schedule two webinars because he packed in so many tips and techniques.

In this recording of the last webinar in the series we learned about:

Tips for setting up the Project Office
Tools and techniques for Landscape Analysis
Components of a Data Quality Capability for Data Migration
Agile Design and Build Tactics
Orchestrating the Go-Live Migration Strategy
Testing and Assurance
Archival and Decommissioning
Ongoing Data Quality Assurance

Free Data Quality Software

The free software that is mentioned in these webinars is the Free Data Profiler. This is a free ‘lite’ version of the full Experian Pandora software, you can download the free version here.

Data migration survival guide part 2