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Data Quality KPIs in Under Three Minutes with Experian Pandora


Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality

Experian Pandora Data Quality Management (DQM) edition is now available, allowing organisations to obtain Data Quality Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a matter of minutes.

Introduced with Pandora Version 3, the DQM edition enables organisations to provide a robust, flexible and transparent data quality management solution in a fraction of the time and at significantly less cost when compared to any other solution.

Most Data Quality initiatives do not deliver on their promises, producing statistics and graphs which lack business relevance. Experian Pandora provides an easy, collaborative alternative which associates business-defined relevance to its findings, producing financial, quantitative and directional Data Quality KPIs backed up by all the detail necessary for re-mediation.


“We have worked closely with companies who are at the forefront of data quality management to develop this release. Initial feedback has been extremely positive, and we are being told by customers and industry analysts that the setup and management of financial Data Quality KPIs is unique to Experian Pandora. It is very rewarding to know that Experian Pandora is bringing a whole new level of simplicity and business relevance to Data Management and Data Governance projects,”  - commented Experian Pandora Head of Sales, Danny Mallinson.


Experian Pandora provides Data Quality Management functionality which enables organisations to identify and investigate relevant data, assess and improve its quality, and control this process over time, independent of whether the information concerns customers, products, finance, sales or other business areas.