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“When I grow up I want to be…”

When you were at school, did you get the support, and knowledge to meet this dream?

Shahnavaz Mehta 3 minute read Life at Experian

Staff at Experian help school children develop the skills and experience they will need when they leave school.

Schools have certainly changed a lot since my time. Before joining Experian as a Project Manager, I was a teacher and I was amazed by the amount of extracurricular activities and career support that is now available for students.

Since leaving the teaching profession, my passion for encouraging businesses to help educate and inspire has only grown. When joining Experian I decided to take the reins in terms of helping push Corporate Social Responsibility within our Clapham Office. 


Community Involvement

Experian, through such initiative, has built a close relationship with Enabling Enterprise, whose mission it is to ensure students leave school equipped with the skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed! Enabling Enterprise are a non-profit social enterprise, both started and run by teachers.


Imaginative Inventors Challenge

Every couple of months we host the “Imaginative Inventors Challenge”, bringing 30 primary school children to the office for a day, so they can get an idea of what our day-to-day lives look like in a business environment.

The day kicks off with a tour of the building, where pupils are encouraged to interact with staff and ask what issues or challenges we might face in our jobs. Some prime examples being - “I really don’t like commuting to work because the trains are always packed or delayed” and “I can’t sort or manage the amount of paperwork I have to do”. Teams of pupils are then tasked with designing a new gadget or piece of technology that could resolve the employee’s dilemmas.

These workshops focus on creativity and developing effective teamwork. Students compete in exciting, fast-paced activities that mimic the processes of market research, planning and design, with a persuasive pitch to top it all off. It’s inspiring to watch children’s cogs whirl as they approach these tasks with boundless creativity. From our last workshop the top 3 inventions included:

  1. Teleportation to take away the commuting worries and stress.
  2. Hover board with automatic umbrella for those that walk to work and get wet with the typical British summer.
  3. Assistant Robot to be your personal PA for all your everyday office chores.


Enabling Enterprise

I feel it is very important to be proactive with what we can give back to the community. Everyone at Experian has the opportunity to utilise allocated days to help local charities and those in the local community. Enabling Enterprise is just one of the numerous organisations we support. Don't just take my word for it, here is what a few people had to say:

“It was great to see the way they developed practical skills throughout the day, including presenting, which is a really important skill for life” – Volunteer, Experian
“I learnt that everyone in the world has a problem that needs solving and that with help, you can usually solve it” – Student Participant.

Every day we come into work for meetings, calls, emails. With the invention of the internet the world has become a smaller place due to rapidly advancing technology. So much so, we are starting to forget what is on our doorstep – the community of Clapham and London. It’s exactly that reason why it is so important to get involved where we can, especially with the younger generation.