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Does your data need emergency treatment?


Georgina Adamson 3 minute read Data quality

Are you suffering from the following data symptoms?

  • Difficulties streamlining service delivery, patient care and reducing overcrowded hospitals.
  • Challenges in accurately maximising your revenue returns and reducing your overall costs.
  • System migration projects posing unknown risk, constraining your budget and draining resources.

If so, we've created a data hospital to help you overcome your data quality aches and pains. This healthcare hub aims to demonstrate how Experian Data Quality can help NHS trusts, private hospitals and local health services to make the most of limited resources to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and ultimately improve patient care.

We take a look at some of the key challenges that different hospital departments often face, and the ways in which data quality tools can help to address them.

Patient administration

Your pain points: Given the sheer amount of data NHS trusts need to capture and the wide variety of sources, errors tend to be both common and costly, leading to increased risk, the threat of regulatory action, and losses of funding due to inaccurate data.

The solution: Data validation tools ensure that all information can be rigorously audited at the point of entry, making it easier to analyse processes and understand where inaccuracies may be creeping in. This means information can be shared between departments in confidence.

Outpatient services

Your pain points: Accurate outpatient contact information is hard to maintain, heightening clinical risks and damaging patient perceptions when things go wrong. Missed appointments are also a key issue, creating considerable costs for the NHS.

The solution: Using data validation tools, outpatient email, mobile and address information can be maintained more accurately, making it easier to stay in touch with patients and reducing the risk of appointment non-attendance.

Emergency department

Your pain points: Emergency departments are hugely reliant on accurate patient information to operate smoothly. However, this has become more challenging to achieve than ever before due to the ongoing surge in the number of patients attending A&E each year.

The solution: Data capture tools can ensure efficient management of patient information, thus easing congestion and allowing care to be prioritised effectively. It can also make it simpler to communicate with local residents to help them avoid the need for A&E care.

Finance department

Your pain points: Financial planning in the NHS has become a real challenge, due to diminished resources and increased regulatory pressure to maintain accurate reporting. As such, data errors can lead to duplicate payments and a loss of funding.

The solution: Better data auditing standards allow staff and regulators alike to have complete confidence in the accuracy and quality of your data, allowing errors to be eliminated and financial targets to be met.

IT and system operations

Your pain points: Since NHS Trusts collect and store information from such a wide range of sources, data-heavy processes like system migrations are costly and time-consuming, often failing to deliver the intended results.

The solution: Profiling technology can help legacy applications to be migrated successfully, eliminating any silos and allowing data to be cleansed and validated before being merged. This solution also makes it easier to create a roadmap of key milestones, ensuring the planning process is kept as simple as possible.

Visit our data hospital and find out how we can help.