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Email marketing is doing well in the UK


Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

It appears to be the case that email marketing is going from strength to strength in the UK, with volumes in this field reaching record levels in the first six months of 2012.

The Direct Marketing Associations Email Benchmarking Report H1 2012 noted marketing email volumes of more than three billion a month, a fantastic figure that just goes to show the energy and investment that is going into this form of communication.

There was a phenomenal 46 per cent rise in sent emails, suggesting a real commitment to the medium, while click through rates surpassed half a billion, highlighting healthy engagement.

One of the reasons why email marketing is proving to be so successful in the UK is the understanding marketers have of the communicative tool in the wider context of their industry.

It has, for example, a natural affinity with social networking, and the report noted how 87 per cent of marketers specialising in social media already use email marketing, while 61 per cent said they are committed to improving their efforts in this area.

Dela Quist, chief executive of Alchemy Worx, said that the results of this show that the industry is more self-assured than it has ever been.

"A self-confident email marketing industry is beginning to throw off a 'fear and self-loathing' in email," he said. In fact, he went so far as to say that brands operating in the UK view email marketing as an "indispensible marketing channel".

"What these figures don't highlight is the effort and sophistication behind these volume increases," Mr Quist continued. "Brands are working hard to deliver better content to their customers."

In related news, Sundeep Kapur, a digital evangelist at NCR, recently said that most  businesses have a "pretty decent" programme in place when it comes to email marketing.