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Experian Pandora adds parsing to its data cleansing functionality


Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality

Experian Pandora has added parsing functionality to the already impressive range of transformation and data cleansing functionality in the data management platform. Customers can now identify and pull out embedded values based on lists and/or sophisticated pattern matching.

One early customer has already found postal codes in comments fields and more surprisingly customer bank account numbers in address fields. They were delighted to have avoided the associated regulatory compliance fallout from such an issue.

As well as the simple format patterns, customers can use the power of regular expressions to specify matching patterns, with a wealth of such patterns freely available on several internet sites. Experian Pandora performs searches simultaneously across every field of every table in a matter of seconds, pulling out all relevant values.

This benefits everyone trying to identify issues or clean up and standardise their master data. Customers are attracted by the simplicity and flexibility of our approach as well as by the significant cost savings compared to alternative solution.

Usually, this kind of functionality is only available from dedicated data cleansing vendors. Experian Pandora now provides a complete range of cleansing and matching capabilities, all of which can be configured and used using the same Experian Pandora Client interface.