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Experian Pandora Data Migration Channel

Data Migration insight from world-class authors and practitioners

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data migration

We have created a new Data Migration Channel, allowing those with an interest in data migration to obtain expert insight from world-class authors and practitioners. The Data Migration Channel features exclusive webinars, articles, podcasts and interviews from some of the top industry experts in the field of data migration. Each week the Data Migration Channel sends a link to the next expert content in the series.

All you have to do is register, and within the hour we’ll send you a detailed Data Migration checklist planner. Then, each week for the next 7 weeks you’ll receive further resources created by the world’s leading data migration experts, authors and practitioners.

You’ll see our logo on the material, but this is not sales literature, it’s genuine Data Migration advice and best practice. We’re also giving away a free version of our Experian Pandora software product to illustrate some of the best practices and help you build business cases.

Over time, we’ll get the experts to update the content in answer to the questions and requests we receive, so we’re looking forward to feedback.

Register free for the X88 Data Migration Channel at: