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Get your emails fit this New Year


Christmas has been and gone, but the remorse of our over indulgence is sadly still with us.

But now it’s 2014. We feel inspired. Our determination has no limits. We will become fitter and healthier. We will become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Well, maybe not quite.

If like me you probably won’t be brushing the cobwebs off your trainers this January, perhaps you can ensure a healthy email sender reputation instead.

In 2013, 34% of organisations said that email marketing was the most important channel for them.¹ According to, ‘71% of B2B and 65% of B2C brands use email marketing’ and ‘in 2013 companies spent 20% of their marketing  budget on email marketing.’²

Email marketing is one of the most successful channels of communication and although it may have been around for some time, it looks like it is here to stay.

But the question is…

Are you doing enough to ensure your emails are reaching the intended inbox?

Recent research conducted by Experian Data Quality and Dynamic Markets found that 67% of organisations had experienced deliverability issues in the last year.³ Both email deliverability and sender reputation are the two key factors that you must overcome to ensure the success of your email marketing.

Email Deliverability. It’s all well and good having great content but what if your emails aren’t even reaching your customers? Email validation tools will ensure that only correct email addresses are captured either on a web form, at the point of sale or in a call centre. It will also validate any legacy inaccuracies in your database. Accepting a mistyped address is a lost opportunity to communicate with a valuable customer or prospect.

Sender Reputation. A healthy sender reputation is key to successful email marketing. Sending emails to invalid addresses negatively effects your sender reputation. Too many hard bounces can be detrimental to your deliverability, resulting in emails being filtered out by an ISP or blocked as spam.

Ensure your new year starts with a bang and not a bounce. Validate the email addresses that enter your business to reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation and increase deliverability and ROI.

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