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How to Create an Effective Data Quality Team - Interview with Jim Harris of OCDQ Blog

An Insights Interview with Jim Harris

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality

One of the questions we were asked by a recent client was ‘how can we take our data quality team to the next level and improve our effectiveness?’.

We put this question to Jim Harris, leading expert on Data Quality and blogger-in-chief of the well known

Jim answered 5 questions relating to building more effective teams in this following interview:

  1. Can you give examples of how your past data quality teams were structured?
  2. What were some of the key lessons learned from your past in terms of creating effective teams?
  3. Where do organisations often go wrong with setting up data quality project teams? Are there typical areas for concern you’ve witnessed in the past?
  4. What are your views on the creation of a ‘Data Quality Centre of Excellence’? Do you think it should be a distinct function or incorporated into a wider data management unit?
  5. The industry has grown and changed considerably in recent years so what advice would you give to a project leader or sponsor looking to build a data quality capability for the first time?

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