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Introducing our new customer centric website

Boris Huard 3 minute read Data quality


What can you expect from this new data quality 'destination'? 

Now more than ever, we’re seeing organisations becoming more aware of data as a strategic asset. So it’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce the launch of our new website – a best-in-class ‘destination’ that aims to meet the growing needs of anyone looking for data quality information and solutions to drive business performance. 

I’m really excited about what our new website offers.  Created with users in mind, we aim to deliver the right information, quickly and easily across any device. We want anyone visiting our site to quickly access the breadth of information on our data quality capabilities and crucially the benefits they can provide.

We’re also seeing a huge appetite for expert advice and thought leadership as organisations build more complex data quality strategies. Therefore, it’s absolutely key that this platform becomes a hub for the great resources we produce such as whitepapers, videos and infographics. You’ll also see this blog, which continues to grow in popularity as a place where our data quality experts share advice, views and tips. Please feel free to join the debate as your opinion matters to us.  

So, what can you expect? Here’s five highlights: 

  • Simple to use – scroll down the page and quickly pick out the content that matters to you.
  • A comprehensive suite of data quality solutions – identify the right tools then watch new demo videos, read about the benefits and download specific product information.
  • New expert insight and resources - access our library of content which includes research, case studies, interactive demos and expert opinion via our blog.
  • A dedicated partner areafind the partners we integrate with and how to join our network.
  • More ways to engage with us - sign up to events and newsletters, download brochures or request a demo by our experts. 


Take a look around today, and please feel free to share your feedback.