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Q&A with Alister Humphreys, Marketing & Sales Director

Dagna Oliwa 3 minute read Data quality

I recently interviewed Alister Humphreys, Marketing & Sales Director at Experian Data Quality about our renewed partner focus and the new initiatives coming in 2014 for our partner community.

Q: Tell us about the changes taking place at Experian Data Quality

Our heritage as a business goes back over 20 years, when the company first started out as QAS primarily reselling the Royal Mail postcode address file through a number of software tools that allowed customers to validate their valuable contact data. Fast forward to the present and the expansion of our portfolio of offerings means that now we are able to bring to our partners and their customers a wide range of on-premise and on-demand software, consulting services, and reference data that address most fundamental data quality challenges.

Q: What new capabilities are on offer?

Our new product, the Experian Data Quality Platform, is a unique and powerful tool that enables customers to analyse, improve and control their data architecture. Perfect for any organisation that has an interest in data quality driven efficiencies and is analysing large volumes of data, the Experian Data Quality Platform can accelerate projects such as migrations and ensure complete data accuracy.

This product combined with our vast collection of reference data assets, which can include anything from location, consumer, government or business data, provides our customers with the ability to increase their understanding and gain greater insights from their data.

In addition our greatly enhanced professional services offering, means that consultants can help partners and their customers at all stages of the data quality journey. Whether that’s in the early discovery stages through services such as a data assessment, or further down the line by helping to build robust data governance frameworks and enterprise-wide data quality strategies.

Q: What exactly does this mean for existing and new partners?

I see our enhanced product and service offering as a key benefit to our partners, one that will unlock new business opportunities for them in today’s data driven economy. With the data quality tools market predicted to reach $2billion by 2017, I would like to encourage all our partners to add these new capabilities into their offerings and pursue new markets that will help grow their business and help solve new and complex customer data challenges.

Q: How will you support partners on this journey?

This year we really want to focus our investment on enabling our partners to help drive continued success. In order to do this we are launching a number of new initiatives that will make it easier for partners to access the information and tools they need to engage and have more effective conversations with their customers. These resources include:

-Quarterly partner newsletter

-Online Partner Resource Centre (to be launched July 2014)

-Marketing support for partner events and campaigns

-Product training webinars and onsite events

Q: What else can partners expect from Experian Data Quality?

Enabling our partners is a big focus for us, as is being flexible and making it easier for partners to engage with Experian Data Quality. By looking at our processes, people and enablement tools, we hope to build a profitable partner ecosystem but we cannot do this without your input.

As a partner if you have a suggestion or feedback about how we can help you be more successful, please don’t hesitate to tell us. Email your comments and suggestions to