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Post-Migration Data Quality Launchpad

A presentation to help you create a total data quality management capability after your data migration has completed

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Data Migration projects offer a unique opportunity for organisations to initiate the launch of a data quality management initiative that can survive long after the termination of the migration project.

Sadly, most organisations ignore the benefits of this approach through a lack of awareness, experience and planning.

By building a case for ongoing data quality management and leveraging the resources assembled during the migration you can create a complete ‘Data Quality Launchpad’ for your next data migration. This will deliver a ready-made data quality program into the organisation that can deliver instant financial, governance and operational benefits.

This webinar recording features guest presenter Dylan Jones, founder of the expert communities Data Quality Pro and Data Migration Pro. Over 45 minutes Dylan walks you through the exact process required to achieve a post-migration data quality program.

The presenter helps you solve problems such as:

  • What processes do we need to incorporate in our migration project to enable post-migration data quality management?
  • How should we implement data quality rules and associated technology for maximum benefit?
  • How can we construct the right team to ensure ongoing governance and support?
  • What is the business case and justification for creating a data quality launchpad?

Just click on the video below to watch the full webinar recording.

How to create a post migration data quality launchpad