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SaaS data quality 'coming to the fore'


Georgina Adamson 2 minute read Data quality

Organisations recognise the need to invest in data quality solutions - and upgrade legacy technology periodically - but sometimes budgets are tight. There is only so much finance available for capital projects, and this can see firms put key initiatives on the back-burner.

It can cost significant sums to buy, deploy and manage technology in-house. Initially you have to meet the outright purchase and installation costs, and then there is operational expenditure in terms of energy consumption and the expertise needed to manage the technology.

Costs can mount up for organisations deploying technology in-house, which has the effect of reducing the return on investment offered by the solution. Then, after a few years, you may reach a point where the technology has become obsolete - overtaken by newer and more functional alternatives.

This is why an increasing number of organisations are choosing to source technology in the cloud, where they subscribe to solutions hosted off-site in a third-party data centre. Users can access the latest industry tools all the time, on-demand, without having to commit capital expenditure.

Increasingly, businesses are opting for cloud-based data quality solutions - recognising that they can source best-in-class technology where and when they need it, and without breaking the bank. Gartner reports that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments increased by 14 per cent in 2013, up from seven per cent the previous year.

Buyers are welcoming the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive range of data management services, either to replace or complement their existing, on-site solutions. This means they are able to conduct key tasks - such as postal address validation and cleansing, and email address validation - without blowing the

Increased adoption of SaaS data quality solutions can only propel the industry forward. The more organisations embrace the cloud, the greater the incentive there will be for vendors to offer new and advanced data quality tools online. Furthermore, the more mature this growing industry sector becomes, the greater the potential appeal of SaaS tools to end-users.