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Talking data governance to the insurance sector


Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality, Data governance

Joining forces with Logica, we revealed some of our Data Governance Best Practices to almost 100 representatives of the London insurance market today, at a meeting of Insurance Data Standards organisation.

Following a brief introduction by Insurance expert James Cole, our Head of Data Strategy, Derek Munro detailed the five main tasks which insurers are carrying out to implement Data Governance as part of their Solvency II projects. The talk was considered all the more relevant following the critical conclusions of the Financial Services Association a few days earlier which highlighted shortcomings in many existing approaches.

The second part of the talk was presented by Sanjay Kaul, Financial Services lead for Logica. Sanjay talked about his team’s experiences on several data governance projects throughout the Financial Services industry. The most recent example concerned a project using Experian Pandora, our data management platform for the insurance business of a leading international Financial Service group based in London. Sanjay highlighted the approach and experience they have brought to this project,  which has culminated in the establishment of customisable data quality dashboards in a matter of weeks.