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Data management capabilities

What are you looking for?

Data enrichment

Gain a more complete view of your customers

How often have you looked at your database and seen gaps in your customers' information - stopping you from doing what you need to do?

Data enrichment helps to fill those gaps, driving better insight into those individuals - allowing you to create more tailored messages, prioritise leads, and improve the overall customer experience.

What data can you enrich?

Data matching

Piece together all the data for each of your customers

As the volume of data and the ways you capture it increase, the chance of you having duplicate records for a customer becomes extremely high. It's vital to match these records before creating a single ‘golden’ record and achieving greater customer insight.

Our data matching finds connections between different elements, such as name and address, to help create a golden record for each of your customers - helping you to reduce costs, increase revenue, and generally improve the customer's experience.

Start matching today


Start trusting your customer data

Make sure you can confidently communicate with your customers using trustworthy customer data. Choose what data you want to validate from address, email, mobile, or all three. Capture in real time via web forms and CRMs, or post-validate in bulk. 

Start validating your data


Build sustainable trust in your organisation’s data

Although the data you hold may have been accurate when it was first captured - house moves, marriages, and people passing away are all examples of how it can quickly decay.

We ensure you can proactively identify the quality risks in your data using our profiling, matching, linking and validation capabilities. By spotting these issues early, you can fix them before they negatively impact your business.

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