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Video: Delivering a Data Quality Lean Pilot using Experian

Data quality leaders often struggle to connect the dots between the business’ goals (e.g. increasing revenue, cutting costs, optimising performance) and managing data quality more effectively - which makes building a business case for a data quality programme difficult.

To counter this, we’ve teamed up with Dylan Jones, data quality guru, and put together a guide on the lean pilot approach to building a data quality business case. This guide walks you through some practical steps you can employ (at zero or minimal cost) to build a case for data quality investment.

A lean pilot is a way to demonstrate the value of investment in a data quality capability by delivering a virtually zero cost data quality pilot. It involves executing a small-scale version of your data quality initiative over a short timeframe to demonstrate tangible uplift in data quality. 

In just over 5 minutes, this video will show how you can use Experian to help you deliver this lean pilot. 

 If you want to chat to one of our team in more detail about how Experian can help you deliver your lean pilot business case, get in touch.

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