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Crown Jewels Analysis

Data Preparation for Regulation (KYC & AML, Personal Equity Plans)

Identify and Assign Value to your most important strategic data assets

Do you know what your most important data assets are? Where they are? Who has access to them?

Find out with Experian Pandora.

Information assets can represent up to 80% of an organisations value - Infosecisland (Security vs Privacy 2016).

As discussed in our recent data management research, we have seen a need to expand IBM’s classic 4s to include two more: Value and Vulnerability.

This is to reflect the fact that data can both help and hinder a business trying to meet its goals – that is unless you invest in smart data management.

Investigate > Assess > Improve > Control

Experian Pandora’s powerful profiling capabilities enable rapid landscape analysis, providing intelligent and actionable insights within minutes of installation.

If you need some help our expert consultants will be on hand to help you meet your objectives and improve the data maturity of your organisation.

Role-based permissions and obfuscation mean once you’ve found and assigned value to your mission-critical data assets, you can control who has access to it and protect it. 

Why conduct a Crown Jewels Analysis?

  • Quickly and easily find your most important data
  • No reliance on IT
  • Assign risk, business and monetary value to your data
  • Apply contextual metadata to your Crown Jewels
  • Effectively monitor and report on the quality – and therefore safety – of your Crown Jewels
  • Discover relationships between disparate datasets and bring them together in one place
  • Conduct Content, Format and Pattern Analysis in a few clicks

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