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Aptos acquired BT Expedite in 2016. Aptos helps retailers to build a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive markets by offering a comprehensive portfolio that includes innovative solutions, products, and services for every area of retailing: Planning, Sourcing and Product Development, Merchandising, Store, Sales Analytics, and CRM, powered by NSB, plus Hardware, Infrastructure, Managed Services, Consultancy and Professional Services, and Client Care.

Our aim is to make a step change in the offers available to retailers and the way in which we do business, enabling you to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risk from within your business. Specifically, we enable you to:
Improve customer experience

  1. Enhance operating margins
  2. Reduce cost and risk
  3. Create incremental business value
  4. Improve visibility across your enterprise

Today Aptos provides solutions to more than 55 of Europe’s leading retailers to streamline processes, optimise information, and meet the evolving merchandise and service expectations of multi-channel shoppers.

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