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Gladstone Health & Leisure

Gladstone Health & Leisure

Gladstone Health & Leisure is the division of Gladstone plc providing comprehensive Member Relationship Management (MRM) solutions to the leisure industry.

The company is located in South Oxfordshire, with offices in the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and distributors in Ireland, France, Holland and Australia.

With over twenty years of experience, Gladstone Health & Leisure provides leisure management systems to over 1,200 clients operating 2,000 sites, serving 3 million members. Clients range from single site entry level operator to networked multinational chains with product installations in the UK, Luxembourg, Singapore, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the USA.

As well as systems to handle every aspect of running a busy leisure facility from point of sale, to membership schemes and facility bookings, Gladstone Health & Leisure develops the technology solutions, communications and marketing services to establish effective one-to-one member dialogue and develop targeted marketing campaigns to improve customer retention, increase the level of facility use, and enhance the return on investment.

"Gladstone’s MRM.Plus2 database links to Experian's address capture tools so that when a postcode is entered into the postcode address field in the system's membership screen, the full address populates the membership address fields."

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