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Intelligent Environments

intelligent environments

Intelligent Environments are an international provider of innovative mobile and online solutions for financial service organisations. Our mission is to enable our clients to always stay close to their customers.

We do this through Interact, our single software platform which enables secure financial applications, engagement, transactions and servicing across all digital channels. Today that is predominately focused around the mobile, PCs & tablets. However Interact can and will support other form factors as and when they proliferate (as seen by our recent work to develop digital banking for the Smartwatch).

We provide a ready alternative to internally developed solutions, enabling our clients with a faster route to market, expertise in managing the complexity of multiple devices and operating systems, as well as a constantly evolving solution.

We are immensely proud of our achievements on multiple levels - in relation to our innovation, being recognised by the industry, having demonstrable product differentiation, the diversity of our client base and the calibre of our partners.

For many years we have been at the heart of a wide range of financial organisations including Generali Wealth Management, Ikano Retail Finance & Loyalty, Lloyds Banking Group and Telefonica (O2).

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By working with Experian we are able to optimise the digital acquisition process for our financial service clients. With our experience of working together the two organisations have developed a great track record of delivering end to end solutions which deliver a simple, intuitive apply process for consumers supported by all the data required for clients to make effective decisions.

Jerry Mulle - Director of Customer and Partner Relationships, Intelligent Environments,