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Partner Spotlight

Gap Consulting - EDQ Partner

Paul, please can you give an overview of Gap Consulting?

Gap Consulting is big enough to make a difference but small enough to care. We are very good at managing Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM projects, listening to what our clients want and applying our in depth experience to deliver and support the very best CRM and xRM solutions. Our blend of experience, innovation and flexibility has allowed us to build an extensive client base with whom we have successfully delivered solutions that create a positive impact on their businesses.

Our consultants come from a vast array of vertical industry sectors, but are all CRM veterans with in-depth Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM experience and qualifications. What's more, they take time to listen and understand every client before bringing their technical and business knowledge to the fore.

All client's businesses are different and they often manage unique processes. To meet these challenges, we have created innovative xRM solutions, built on the strength of the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM platform.

In addition, our experience has allowed us to create off-the-shelf solutions to common challenges that negate the requirement for costly bespoke development. Put simply, Gap has the toolset and capability to implement solutions that extend CRM functionality across an organisation, to provide the very best benefits and ROI.

Our Manager Suite solutions include:

  • Event Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Training Manager
  • IT Manager

We also provide the following cloud-based and off-the-shelf solutions:

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Essentials

How has working with Experian Data Quality enhanced your offerings?

Data quality and integrity is vital to any Customer Relationship Management system. If the client data is poor, the system is not able to deliver the value expected. Using Experian Data Quality, Gap Consulting has confidence in being able to not only improve a client's current data quality before a CRM implementation, but we can also use a range of Experian tools to maintain the quality in the longer term, and protect our client's biggest asset.

Which Experian Data Quality products have you deployed?

Gap Consulting has deployed a wide range of Experian Data Quality products. With Experian's Microsoft Gold Partner status, Experian are able to provide all of their data quality tools, via a native integration into Microsoft Dynamics™. With address, email and mobile validation tools in the front end and bulk cleansing in the back end, the possibilities of enhancing a Microsoft Dynamics™ deployment are endless.

All of our clients are very concerned about data quality and are prepared to invest in cleaning their data in readiness for CRM. What many organisations often overlook is that they need to consider ongoing data quality and maintenance tools so their initial investment isn't wasted.

Why do you choose to work with Experian Data Quality?

Experian is a market leader and has a recognised set of data quality tools and services that give our client's confidence. They are prepared to work closely with our clients, often even sampling data, to prove the value they bring. Our corporate clients give their data priority and understand that accurate data is their biggest asset.

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