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thankQ - software to smile about

thankQ is CRM software specially designed for not for profit organisations.

We understand fundraisers. We understand hospices, alumni teams and faith organisations. We understand membership, trade unions, benevolent funds, voluntary consortia, housing associations....thankQ is not just about extensive and powerful functionality. Our customers tell us thankQ is the easiest CRM software to use. thankQ is modular so we can deliver just what our customers need, tailored to meet their exact requirements.

thankQ functionality helps our customers to:

  • Nurture great relationships - there are no limits to the level of personalisation you can weave into your communications
  • Effectively manage money - thankQ can process paper-based and paperless direct debits and even handle multiple currencies
  • Improve overall performance - thankQ gives users the right KPIs, reports and tools to manage information easily
  • Run successful projects and operations - whether you're processing membership renewals, organising a fundraising dinner, or planning a major appeal

Working in partnership with Experian Data Quality

The following Experian Data Quality features are already embedded in thankQ:

  • Address validation - now you can search by street, town or postcode and select the full address from thankQ. Additional data from Experian Data Quality such as demographics or local Government information, will be automatically added to thankQ based on the contacts' address info.
  • Address cleansing - this is where thankQ integrates neatly with Experian's software to give address data a super fast spring clean with the option of enhancing it by checking it against suppression files.

More information:

thankQ enjoys an excellent working relationship with Experian Data Quality, and recognises its importance in the marketplace. Experian Data Quality works closely with us, allowing us to seamlessly integrate their solutions into thankQ and making it easier for customers to get the best from both software applications. Experian Data Quality is the popular choice among our customers

John Bird - Managing Director, thankQ