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Government Data

Support greater efficiency for the public sector with our additional datasets

What are the benefits of our government data sets?

Budget support - accurate records can support the allocation of funds and limit wasted budgets

Healthcare funding – appending the propensity to miss medical appointments (DNAs) can help reduce wastage in the NHS

Citizen insight - append relevant local, central government or healthcare information to support service targeting

What does government data include?

Government, Health and Patient Propensity data returns information including; European Electoral Region, Government Office Region, Local Authority District code, Local Authority Electoral Ward, Local Education Authority code, NHS clinical care group, Census Output Area, propensity to miss a medical appointment and communication channel preference for appointment reminders.

Explore all data we can provide and the benefits they bring in our extensive data set guide - including business, customer, location, and government data.

Find out more about the data we provide

Find out more about Government data

Drive departmental efficiencies across your authority

Improve decision making and service provision

Enhance the records held to improve budgeting

Reduce wastage at frontline services

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