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Not Yet Built™

Identify UK properties that are still under construction

What are the benefits of using Not Yet Built Data?

Working alongside PAF™, it identifies over 480,000 new residential properties in planning or construction phase every year, which won’t yet exist in PAF

Arrange for delivery of goods or connection of services; made possible through a valid address and postcode

Identify potential new customers and accept orders

Do this all before the owners move in


Watch the short video on Not Yet Built Data from Royal Mail


Key elements of Not Yet Built Data

Not Yet Built Data

Not Yet Built holds approximately 480,000 records with around 25,000 new records each month

Includes data for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

When a delivery point is added to Not Yet Built it is also assigned a Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) and a Delivery Point Suffix (DPS)

Useful resources

More information on Not Yet Built Data

Identify the addresses of properties under construction

For more information on Not Yet Built Data and how your business can benefit please contact us here

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