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Find and organise all the personal data you hold

Data Discovery for GDPR

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Core to the GDPR is an increased responsibility to have comprehensive insight and control of all your data assets. To do so, you must know what personal data you hold, its provenance, location and all the ways in which it is being usedWithout visibility on all data held, it is much harder to respond to the GDPR requirements such as Access, Rectification and Data Portability present in a range of GDPR articles.

Our approach to data discovery

  • Our team of data management experts will work with you to fully understand your needs and concerns. We are experts at evaluating and improving your data quality and integrity.
  • Initially, we will work with you to investigate the current state of the data you hold on your data subjects and involve a key focus on data accuracydata minimisation and accessibility of data (including the ability to fulfill subject access requests).
  • Advanced discovery and data management tools are deployed to surface and catalogue all identifiable personal data:
    • In partnership with Waterline Data, we use federated search technologies to analyse, fingerprint and tag your data systems for the effective organisation and management of all your data sources. 
    • Experian Pandora, our advanced data management platform can then profile and compare each personal record, and bespoke transformation rules can clean and validate records.
  • Build rules designed with the GDPR in mind to help ensure that multiple records can be brought into a ‘golden’ record.

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Single View

Have confidence that all disparate but related data points can be linked to an individual.


Data Lineage

Maintain and record data lineage as a practice.



Showcase to the ICO a willingness to tackle all personal data within your organisation.


Speed of Implementation

No need for lengthy infrastructure programs or consultancy engagements.



Experian work with a range of partners that can provide solutions to help you prepare for GDPR. 

Useful resources

Only 24 percent of companies rate their level of readiness to comply with the GDPR as high

Ponemon Institute research report June 2017 - Data Protection Risks & Regulations in the Global Economy

Data Discovery

How confident are you in your organisation's ability to locate all the data for an individual across all of your databases, systems and documents? Could you do it within 30 days?

We know that meeting the requirements of the GDPR are challenging and so recommend looking at your Data Discovery today.

By understanding the quality, accuracy and location of your data, you can begin to plan the related tasks.


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