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Ensure your data is of the highest quality

Data Integrity for GDPR

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As a data controller, you are responsible for taking steps to ensure the personal data you hold is accurate and up to date as outlined in Article 5 of the GDPR.  Furthermore, the ICO requires demonstration that organisations have implemented measures to maintain accuracy and taken reasonable steps to erase or rectify any inaccurate personal data.

Through proper assessment, you can begin to fully understand, plan and prioritise. Our expert data quality consultants will work with you to assess the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data. This health check will identify where your data gaps exist and your exposure to GDPR regulatory principles.

Our approach to data integrity

Assess your data

  • Data analysis to verify the accuracy and overall integrity of your data
  • For fast diagnosis, our Data Quality consultants will perform checks on a sample 20% of your data file
  • Data accuracy is measured against unique Experian reference sets, providing indicators of inaccuracies, gaps and duplications
  • Data integrity assesses over 200 quality attributes such as uniqueness, completeness, frequency of values and formats
  • All data will be processed at one of our secure data centres, providing you with a fast and detailed Data Integrity Assessment with recommended steps to rectify issues

Book your Data integrity Assessment

Improve your data

  • We can implement a ‘data fix’ strategy to rectify issues in your data, correct inaccuracies identified and recommend ‘best’ data available based on our Consumer Credit file
  • We can provide full data suppression analysis

Control your data

  • Not just a one-off service; capabilities can be deployed to repeat assessments on a periodic basis or built as an ongoing business process
  • Make your data as valid and current as possible both demonstrating good practise to the ICO


Fast response

Better data will help you quickly respond to access request and data breaches

Customer Service

Accurate data will drive operational efficiencies and customer experience

Data Protection

Employ better data management for continuous data protection


Complete View

Leverage a more complete view of your data as attributes will need to be linked


Useful resources

On average, 30% of all the data organisations hold is inaccurate and out of date.

Experian Global Research 2018 -

Data Integrity Assessment

Can you demonstrate you are keeping personal data accurate as per Article 5 of GDPR?

We know that meeting the requirements of the GDPR are challenging and so recommend taking a Data Integrity Assessment today.

By understanding the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data, you can begin to plan the related tasks.


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