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Respond to Subject Access Requests with confidence

Data Match for GDPR

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Under the GDPR, data subjects have far greater Individual’s Rights and control over the way in which your business stores and uses their personal data.

The ICO requires you to respond quickly and effectively to requests from individuals about their personal data - you must respond to a Subject Access Requests (SAR) within 30 days, free of charge. Here is an overview of the Individual’s Rights under GDPR:

To fulfil the individual’s rights under GDPR, your business must:

  1. Provide individuals access to data held on them upon request, without delay (Article 15)
  2. Provide individuals with the ability to have data about them rectified upon request, without undue delay (Article 16)
  3. Erase personal data held on individuals where certain grounds apply, without undue delay (Article 17)
  4. Restrict the processing of personal data held on individuals in some circumstances without delay (Articles 18 & 21)
  5. Transfer personal data held on individuals under certain circumstances upon request (Article 20)


What’s important is that you start to get a good understanding of how your organisation is able to fulfil the Individual’s Rights and service Subject Access Requests (SAR). Without a single, consistent view of all your customer data, it is much harder to locate and respond to data subject request with any confidence and meet these GDPR requirements.                                         

Our approach to data match

  • Utilising a unique combination of linkage, matching, and data management tools and services, Experian can deliver a consistent, single view of each of your existing individual data subjects with access via a single tool.
  • Experian can assign a unique 10-digit personal identification number, known as an ExPin match key, to everyone in the UK based on billions of reference data points. By matching each of your records to the right ExPin match key, you can see which records belong to the same person.
  • Once you accurately understand how many individuals you have and who they are, you will be able to respond more quickly and effectively to Subject Access Requests (SARs) as outlined in Article 15 of the GDPR.
  • For many organisations, understanding the full extent of the data held on an individual will help evaluate whether this data is still relevant to the needs of the business.

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Meet your GDPR obligations

Consolidated data makes it easier to demonstrate your compliance and service Subject Access Requests with ease, speed and confidence.


Time to market

No lengthy data migration, infrastructure programmes or consultancy required. Keep your data where it is.

Commercial growth

Create revenue generating business activities with your new found Single Customer View.

Useful resources

72% of businesses agree that data quality issues impact consumer trust and perception

Experian Global Data Management Research Report 2017 -

Data Match

How confident are you in your organisation's ability to locate an individual’s data across all of your databases, systems, and documents within 30 days?

By understanding the location of all of each of your customer's data, you can begin to plan the related tasks.


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