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Address Entry

What is address entry?

Address entry is the term used for any address data input for example within your call centres or on your organisation’s website or e-commerce platform.

Ensuring that customer addresses are entered correctly at the point of capture will help you build and maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers. Having the correct information will enable you to communicate with them more effectively. Costs will also be reduced by saving time and money on wasted communications and undelivered goods.

Your customers and prospects can now enter your organisation through a variety of channels and therefore having an address entry solution in place is vital if you want to hold good quality data. Address validation solutions can be implemented on your website, e-commerce platform or within your CRM database to ensure all address information you capture is right first time, every time.

How can unregulated address entry harm your business?

Being unable to capture your customers address details properly could result in incorrect information entering your organisation. For example; misspelt street names, misspelt town names and incorrect postcodes.

Although these errors may only be small, they are the difference between you maintaining your ability to mail to your customers and losing it as a channel of communication altogether.


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