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Address Verification

What is address verification?

Address verification is the process of capturing and cleaning your contact addresses. Address verification can be carried out at the point of capture or can be performed retrospectively, using back-end solutions to clean your data and ensure complete contact and address verification.

Having confidence in your data is essential for all your contact data plans and initiatives. Address verification reduces costs by preventing inaccurate marketing activity and wasted mailings, which, in turn, improves your brand perception and boosts customer satisfaction.

How can our address verification tools help you?

Address verification forms the backbone of your data management strategy and is essential for organisations wanting to get the most insight from their data.

Our range of address verification tools will ensure you have every confidence in your data. We provide address capture tools that quickly and accurately capture contact details. Whether you capture contact addresses on your web forms, on your e-commerce website or over the phone, we have a range of products to suit you. 


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