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Anti-impersonation Checks

Why are anti-impersonation checks important?

Without anti-impersonation checks, individuals are susceptible to identify fraud, which can have long lasting effects on personal finances as well as making it difficult to obtain loans and credit cards in the future. Sufficient anti-impersonation checks can work to prevent identity fraud. Experian's Authentication solutions can provide powerful anti-impersonation checks to stop fraudsters and to support straight-through customer processing.

How can our products help you?

We have a number of powerful anti-impersonation checks to stop fraudsters. Experian’s electronic identity verification solutions help to detect and prevent fraud rapidly and effectively. Removing the need for paper speeds up the online process, meaning website drop offs are reduced, operational costs are minimised and compliancy for AML, KYC checks are maintained. Experian's electronic identity verification solutions help you to detect and prevent fraud rapidly and effectively which can help counter impersonation within account set ups for example.

Fraudsters are being more sophisticated, so banks and financial institutions especially are looking to establish 4 tokens in their ID and verification service; verify the person exists in the real world, meet the minimum KYC requirements specified within the JMLSG guidelines, provide an AML check, and satisfy an anti-impersonation check.


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