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Back-end Address Verification

What is back-end address verification?

Back-end address verification is the process of bulk cleaning address records. This can be done on a regular basis using suppression data, i.e. gone away data, absolute movers or absolute contacts to ensure that the data your organisations holds is up to date and accurate. Your data is constantly decaying and therefore regular cleaning is essential for it to remain up to date.

Why use back-end address verification?

Data, like any other business asset, needs to be looked after. Data decays as people move away, get married or even pass away. For those organisations who want to maintain good relationships with their customers, cleaning data must be a priority. Data cleaning also saves organisations on the cost of mailing to addresses where their customers no longer live, but also the embarrassment and reputational cost of mailing to those whose loved ones have passed away. Secondly, having decaying data stops you from enriching the data you hold to get a clear view of your customer base. This prevents you from having the insight for good decision making.


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