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Batch Processes

What are batch processes?

Batch cleaning processes are carried out to ensure the accuracy and validity of your data. Cleaning your data in this way is useful for handling repetitive tasks or large volumes of data because they can run automatically in the background without too much human intervention.

Our address cleaning products are designed to clean address data stored in lists or databases. We provide a range of options for batch cleaning. Batch cleaning can be achieved by using our standalone cleaning solution which allows you to process huge volumes of data from multiple databases. Alternatively, our team of experts will clean your lists for you.

Why use batch address cleaning?

Data decays over time, so even if you’re using an address capture solution, the records you collate can become inaccurate over time. Bulk validation allows you to have confidence in your historical data. We’d recommend that batch cleaning should be a regular activity in your data quality strategy. However if you have an upcoming marketing campaign approaching we would also strongly recommend you do a one-off clean.


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