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Corporate Address Gazetteer

What is the Corporate Address Gazetteer?

Corporate Address Gazetteer, or CAG, is a definite database of address information that includes a geographic location for each property in Scotland. CAG contains addresses for all properties as well as some land and other assets relating to council businesses.

CAG is the Scottish version of the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and is shared between services within each government authority and with local, regional and national authority partners.

The creation of the Corporate Address Gazetteer allows for the sharing of and consistent use of address information in a service-based systems, giving a more consistent view to the citizen. The aim of the CAG is to have a single address dataset that all services can reference. This will replace the need for councils to maintain their own address datasets reducing duplicate work whilst promoting more efficient, joined-up working.

CAG ensures that this information is always available from a single, high quality source. Services such as Planning, Building Standards, Environmental Health, and the Contact Centre use this single source of address information.


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