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Data Cleansing Services

What are Data Cleansing Services?

A Data Cleansing Service will amend incorrect or out of date data records within your database and should be a regular feature in an effective data quality strategy. Data is constantly decaying and therefore keeping it up to date is key to maintaining a relationship with your customers and prospects.

Why are Data Cleansing Services important?

Data decays over time meaning no matter how accurate it was when it was first captured, it will inevitably become incorrect and of no value. Examples of common changes that happen with customers are births, marriages, bereavements and people moving house. By removing these inaccuracies as well as the duplicate records that build over time, it helps to:

  • Maintain better relationships with your customers.
  • Improve your organisational processes.
  • Reduce costs through inaccurate communications.
  • Comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation where elements such as Subject Access Requests will require accurate contact data.

How can you create an effective business case for Data Cleansing Services?