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Data Governance

What is a data governance?

Data governance is a structure put in place allowing organisations to proactively manage data quality. There is no one size fits all approach. For it to work, it must fit with the organisation’s culture, structure and practices. The basic components of policy, processes and roles and responsibilities will be found in every framework.


Having a policy stating that your company will “do” data governance is a key part of the framework. Without it there will be no authority to change the way your organisation thinks about and manages its data. In a few instances progress without having a policy may be made when data governance is a key focus, however as future business priorities change it is likely that your initiative will slow or at worse be abandoned.

Having a policy as part of your organisation’s risk management approach gives you the authority, and your stakeholders the requirement, to implement data governance.


These are the processes (and the deliverables arising out of those processes) which need to be followed in order to manage your data quality. They can include things such as data quality reporting and data quality issue management.

Having your processes defined and documented facilitates a consistent and repeatable approach to managing data across your organisation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The third vital component is to define who is responsible for data quality in your organisation and the scope and extent of their responsibilities.

The purpose of having a data governance framework is to manage and improve data quality. In order to maintain a consistently good level of data quality, it must be proactively managed, ensuring that it is captured accurately and deterioration in its quality is prevented. This is where a structured data governance framework makes a huge difference.

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