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Data Loss Prevention

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data Loss Prevention are strategies put in place to protect your data security. Preventing data loss should be key to every organisation. Policies and systems should be put in place to identify and monitor data in order to detect and prevent issues and risks from arising. Data Loss Prevention is aimed at stopping businesses losing personal data about themselves and their customers.

Why is Data Loss Prevention important?

With data breaches and ID fraud becoming an ever-increasing issue in a modern world exploding with data, losing you or your customer’s personal data can have a large negative impact on people’s lives. Therefore keeping their data safe is key to retaining their trust.

In addition to this, the incoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have strict rules on what you need to do to prevent breaches as well as how you must react if they do happen. Not complying with these can leave you at risk of punishment by the Data Protection Authority.

How prepared are other businesses for GDPR?