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Data Quality

Why data quality should be a key objective of any business

Data is arguably an organisation’s most important asset and therefore keeping it clean and up to date should be a key objective for any business. According to recent research, contact data decays by 37% every year, so it is essential your organisation has stringent processes in place to ensure data quality is high on your business agenda.

Keeping data clean and up to date is vital to maintaining a relationship with your customers and prospects as well as reducing internal costs. Data quality however, isn’t something that can be achieved instantly, it is vital that it’s an ongoing process.

People, processes and technology are key elements to any successful data quality strategy. Whether or not you capture data from your website forms, via your website check out or over the phone, data quality technology should be put in place to ensure quick and accurate data capture. With customer data changing all the time, we can ensure the data you hold remains up to date.

If you’re looking to find solutions to keep your contact data up to date, we provide address management solutions, email and mobile validation tools as well as data enhancement to enrich your existing data.

Experian Pandora is our full data quality management offering which analyses, improves and controls your data. It will help you to accelerate projects where large volumes of data need be analysed. Whether your organisation is in the early stages of a data migration project or seeking to enhance the on-going maintenance of data accuracy to secure regulatory compliance, Experian Pandora offers an elegant solution.

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