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Data Security

What is data security?

Data security concerns the protection of data from accidental or intentional but unauthorised modification, destruction or disclosure through the use of physical security, administrative controls, logical controls, and other safeguards to limit accessibility.

Ensuring data security within your organisation is crucial if you are to remain compliant against the increasing data security regulations, as well ensuring that you maintain a good relationship with your customers and prospects.

Protecting your customer information and ensuring full confidence in your data security measures will put you in good stead for protection against data loss and data security breaches.

How can The Experian Data Governance Service help you?

Data governance helps to safeguard the reputation of your organisation by ensuring the information on your customers and prospects is kept secure. Poor data quality processes can result in costly implications for organisations if the data they hold is poorly kept. Here at Experian Data Quality, we have a Data Governance Service which helps organisations discover how they can make improvements to their current data quality initiatives. To find out how we can help, get in touch.


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