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Data Steward

What is  data steward?

Data steward refers to the lead role in a data governance project. Data stewards take ownership of the data and work with the business to define the programme's objectives. For data governance to be effective and successful in its objectives, the right combination of processes, technology and people need to be in place.

The role of a data steward is specifically tasked with maintaining data control in data governance and master data management initiatives. Data stewardship is required for data implementation and data management to succeed.

What are the benefits of data stewardship?

The benefits of appointing a data steward can include; consistent use of data management as an effective resource, efficient mapping of data between systems and technology, and potentially lower costs associated with migration to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Gartner says, "Organisations striving to improve data quality must consider appointing data stewards. The success of data stewardship requires organisations to move towards a culture that views data as a competitive asset rather than a necessary evil and define clear goals for data-quality improvement." Gartner 2008


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