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Duplicate Contact Records

What are Duplicate Contact Records?

A Duplicate Contact Record is where you have multiple versions of a singular person in your customer database. This is becoming a more common issue in modern data management due to the proliferation of data and increased number of channels data can now be captured through i.e. phone, email, website forms, social media etc. Effective data management, data governance and data capture systems are necessary to stop this from happening.

Why are Duplicate Contact Records an issue?

Duplicate Contact Records stop you from forming an effective Single Customer View (SCV). Without this one version of the truth of all your database, you will:

  • Be unable to effectively target your customers with tailored messaging due to multiple versions of each customer making it impossible to know the full scale of their interactions with you.
  • Waste time and money on multiple, identical communications being sent out to the same person.
  • Not be able to create useful insights from your data profiling activities – as the data you hold will not accurately represent the truth.

How can you remove and prevent Duplicate Contact Records?

The task of identifying and removing duplicate contact records is becoming increasingly important with the strive towards achieving a Single Customer View.

Data Matching and Deduplication exercises are the most common way of removing existing duplicate contact records in a database. These look at unique values in order to identify which records are of the same person and then eliminates typos, nicknames or acronyms. This can be either be integrated into your database or done in a bulk, regular basis.

How can you create an effective business case for your SCV?